3D Hanoi Group was founded in 2004 with a team of young and passionate architects as a pioneer in employing 3D technology to rebuild nostalgic vistas of the historic Hanoi Old Quarter.

For the first time, the golden relic of the 1,000-year-old city has been vividly replicated directly in front of the audience, thanks to the collision of contemporary technology and young Vietnamese people’s passion to revere Vietnamese culture. both at home and abroad.

After several years of research and development, the Vpin brand was formed from the first success of the 3D Hanoi team, embarking on an ambitious path with a long-term vision: Using digital technology to “Connect communication consistent with the present.”

Each of Vpin’s goods is derived from the original – priceless cultural heirlooms infused with Vietnamese character and energy.

Vpin wants to conserve, promote, and promote the beauty of Vietnamese culture and customs on the basis of contemporary technology, believing that “gifts from past” would inspire a brighter future. Grand. From there, fan the torch of patriotism in the new generation and disseminate it around the globe.